SpectraView Range

SpectraView II

When Colour is Critical…there is a Solution that’s Affordable

SpectraView II is a sophisticated colour calibration software package, that combines with with NEC’s award winning professional displays to deliver highly accurate, reliable, repeatable and feature-rich display calibration and profiling solution. 

NEC SpectraView II is designed for users in the graphic design, digital animation, photography, print production, image analysis and CAD/CAM industries, as well as soft-copy clinical viewing in the medical field.  

SpectraView II software is available for purchase separately, for a recommended retail price of just $159 for those who already have a supported NEC LCD display, or as part of a bundled solution.  We have put together some bundles from our more popular display models, but SpectraView II actually supports over twenty models, including: LCD1990SX, LCD1990SXi, LCD2090UXi, LCD2190UXi, LCD2190UXp, LCD2490WUXi, LCD2690WUXi, LCD3090WQXi, LCD4020, LCD4620, LCD5220, LCD6520, M40, M46, X461UN, X461HB, P401, P461, P221W.  Future upgrades will accommodate new LCD display models as they are released.

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SpectraView Reference

Enjoy uparalelled display performance in your colour critical applications with the NEC SpectraView Reference Solutions. The SpectraView Reference Solution combines the high performance and multitude of features, of select professional series LCD displays with sophisticated colour profiling software with a light shielding hood*. The result is a highly accurate, reliable, repeatable and feature-rich display calibration and profiling solution. The SpectraView Reference solution is available in 20-inch, 22-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch and 30-inch screen sizes.


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Not sure whether you need SpectraView II or SpectraView Reference? Click here for details of the differences between the two.